Vantage is the latest world-class speaker to be added to our multi-award-winning product line.

This compact three-way speaker bridges the gap between Carmel and Hailey and incorporates seven key YG Acoustics proprietary technologies. Vantage is constructed from the same materials and precision production methods deployed in the production of our flagship, Sonja XV. Like its predecessors, Vantage is a transducer that delivers exceptional, life-like sound and is fully compatible with multichannel audio and home-theater systems. Vantage can stand alone or be combined with other YG Acoustics speakers.

YG Acoustics Vantage

  • Deviation:
    ±2 dB in the audible band
    ±5° relative phase throughout entire overlap
    Exceptional pair-matching
    Usable output extends from 26 Hz to above 40 kHz

    BilletCore ultra-high-rigidity woofer and mid-woofer
    ForgeCore ultra-low distortion tweeter
    Woofer: 22 cm (8.75″)
    Mid-woofer: 18.5 cm (7.25″)

    Vantage is fully-passive
    Proprietary DualCoherent crossover at 65 Hz and 1.75 kHz
    Designed using software developed in-house

    ViseCoil bass inductors reduce residual loss and improve linearity for greater bass impact and an easier job for most amplifiers

    ToroAir inductors eliminate cross-talk

    Option- *Nordost cabling approved for internal wiring of all YG Acoustics models. Inquire for details.

    87 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m 2π anechoic

    4Ω nominal, 3Ω minimum

    112x32x54 cm (44x13x21”) HxWxD

    72 kg (159 lbs) per channel unpackaged