Sonja XV is an extreme, four-tower version of Sonja, created to celebrate YG Acoustics’ 15 year anniversary. It combines everything that we know about speaker design with next-generation technologies that cannot be found elsewhere. Sonja XV – an entirely new sonic benchmark, truly extreme in every way.

Remarkable in both form and function, Sonja XV introduced BilletDome, a one-of-a-kind resonance-free tweeter machined from aircraft-grade aluminum billet, as well as ViseCoil, a ground-breaking bass inductor that reduces residual loss and improves linearity, to the audiophile community. Both precision-crafted in-house enhancements, together with an ability to move near-limitless amounts of air, result in an effortless listening experience associated with the finest live musical performances.

YG Acoustics Sonja XVi

  • Deviation:
    ±1 dB in the audible band
    ±5° relative phase throughout entire overlap
    Exceptional pair-matching
    Usable output extends from below 20 Hz to above 40 kHz

    A four-way, four-tower system with a total of 20 drivers per pair of speakers. BilletCore ultra-high-rigidity woofers, mid-woofers and mids. BilletDome ultra-low-distortion tweeter, unique to Sonja XV

    Sonja XV is fully-passive
    Proprietary DualCoherent™ crossover at 65 Hz, 337 Hz and 1.75 kHz
    Designed using software developed in-house
    ViseCoil bass inductors reduce residual loss and improve linearity, for greater bass impact and an easier job for most amplifiers
    ToroAir mid and tweeter inductors eliminate cross-talk

    Option- *Nordost cabling approved for internal wiring of all YG Acoustics models. Inquire for details.

    88 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m 2π anechoic

    4Ω nominal, 3.5Ω minimum

    4 towers, each 179x43x72 cm (70x17x28”) HxWxD

    4 towers, each 210 kg (463 lbs) per channel unpackaged Shipping weight of a pair is 1.3 tons