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The SIA-025 was created after many customer requests for a Signature Series Integrated Amplifier


The SIA-025 has been designed to accommodate many of our customers requests, for a real integrated amplifier in our high performance Signature Series.


But as usual, our design team went an extra mile. The result is not only an amplifier with 5 inputs (balanced and unbalanced), a preamplifier output (for biamping purposes) and balanced speaker outputs - it raises our technology to a new level of integration of parts. Integration was a major challenge, but necessary to fit all the parts into the fairly small chassis, which the SIA-025 shares with its siblings the SS-010 and SS-050.


The output stage of the SIA-025, is taken from the SM-010 monaural amplifiers - sized to fit within one chassis with a balanced input buffer. The main task for this buffer, is to separate the new simplified relay based volume control from the selected source. By putting all our efforts into developing this true balanced integrated class A amplifier, we succeeded in making the new higher level of integration perform to the standards that any customer would expect from our Signature Series.


SIA-025 adds more flexibility in terms of more inputs, the possibility of bi-amping should it be needed and lastly a full bypass function for enabling compatibility with external surround processors. Together with our SCD-025 mk.II, this amplifier will form a simple, cool looking system that delivers an incredible performance.

Vitus Signature SIA-025 mk ii Integrated Amplifier

  • Technical Specifications

    INPUT                          XLR analog                     RCA analog            

                                          3 (L+R)                            2 (L+R)                  

    Sensitivity select           2/4/8 VRMS                   2/4/8 VRMS 

    Impedance                   10KΩ                             10KΩ

    Slew rate                      35V/ μs                          35V/ μs


    OUTPUT                      Speaker L                  Speaker R              1 x Pre/Out

    Impedance                    75 mΩ                       75 mΩ                     

    Power RMS (8Ω)           25 Class A / 150 W Class AB

    Frequency response     +800kHz                  +800kHz

    Signal to noise ratio      >100dB                    >100dB

    THD + noise                 < 0,01%                   < 0,01%



    Type Relay controlled fixed resistor network

    Gain -81dB to +6dB



    Standby  <1W

    Class AB  90W

    Class A  162W


    Height                         130 mm                        

    Width                          435 mm                       

    Depth                          430 mm                         

    Weight                         38 Kg                    

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