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The SD-025 DAC/Streamer has more in common with a luxury watch than you might think. An exclusive, high-end watch provides the ultimate precision, superior technology, and complete perfection down to the tiniest detail. The craftsmanship of watch components contributes to achieve the accuracy of the watch. Just like a watch, with the SD-025 DAC/Streamer you can clearly sense how each component works together closely to transform a sound recording into an extraordinary musical experience of the highest quality.  


SD-025 has undeniable finesse, authenticity, and pure exclusivity. A modern DAC and streamer designed with the strong ambition to achieve perfection and to raise the standards of advanced hi-fi technology.

Vitus Signature SD-025 DAC

  • Technical specifications

    Output XLR analogue RCA analogue
    Impedance 80Ω 80Ω
    Frequency response +800kHz +800kHz
    Signal to noise ratio >110dB @ 1kHz >110dB @ 1kHz
    THD + noise <0.01% <0.01%
    Digital technology
    Master clock 24.576 MHz +/- 5 ppm
    Sample rate converter Engineered Q8
    DAC 2x AD1955 – mono mode
    DIGITAL Audio Inputs USB AES/EBU S/PDIF Optical Streamer
    Available 1x USB B 1x XLR 1x RCA 1x Toslink 1x RJ45
    Impedance   110Ω 75Ω    
    Sample rate 384kHz + DSD128 192kHz 192kHz 96kHz 192kHz + DSD 64
    Resolution 24bit 24bit 24bit 24bit 24bit
    Digital audio output
    Standard 1x XLR (AES/EBU) / 1x RCA (S/PDIF)
    Sample rate 192kHz
    Resolution 24bit
    Standby <1W
    Operation 20W
    Height 135mm including feet
    Width 435mm
    Depth 428mm
    Weight 26kg
    Material Aluminium for body parts
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