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The technical ingenuity of our engineers made it possible to take the ‘musical engine’ of the RI-101 to a whole new level. Excellent craftsmanship and leading innovation enable it to capture the drama of a full-scale orchestra and translate it into a lifelike performance. Goosebumps. With advanced technology like an enhanced output stage and power supply, the RS-101 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier assures a future proof investment into music. No compromise. Its life long performance stands for the unique dedication of Vitus Audio as a manufacturer. Experience the musician’s finesse and the delicacy of each instrument with the intelligent Class A bias.

Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RS- 101 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier.

Vitus Reference RS-101 Stereo Power Amplifier

  • Technical Specifications

    INPUT                          XLR analog                     RCA analog            

                                         1                                    1                

    Sensitivity                      1.4 VRMS                      0.7 VRMS 

    Impedance                    10KΩ                            10KΩ


    OUTPUT                      Speaker L                  Speaker R              

    Impedance                    75 mΩ                       75 mΩ                     

    Power RMS (8Ω)           300 W Class AB

    Frequency response     +800kHz                  +800kHz

    Signal to noise ratio      >100dB                    >100dB

    THD + noise                 < 0,01%                   < 0,01%



    Standby                       <1W

    Class AB                     100W



    Height                         182 mm                        

    Width                          435 mm                       

    Depth                          470 mm                         

    Weight                         37 Kg    

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