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Our engineers took advantage of the success of the SCD-025 mk.II technology. Thanks to the praised efforts of their continuous research, they were able to fit all that superior technology into a smaller chassis. True analog inputs and a volume control make this an outstanding DAC, literally. This exceptional DAC is extremely intelligent: when the analog inputs are selected, the full digital part will rest. Save the best for last? The latest addition to our Reference Series of products features a true modular design. Are you ready to make a future proof investment that brings the joy of music for a lifetime?

Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RD- 101 Stereo DAC.

Vitus Reference RD-101 DAC/Preamp

  • Technical Specifications

    INPUT                          No.                    Impedance       Details

    USB                             1 class A/B                                32/384KHz

    S/PDIF - RCA               2                       75Ω                  24/192KHz

    S/PDIF - XLR                2                       110Ω                24/192KHz

    Streamer - RJ45           1                                                24/192KHz

    Slew Rate                     1000V/us


    OUTPUT                      XLR                                RCA

    Available                      1 (L+R)                            1 (L+R)

    Impedance                  2KΩ                                2KΩ

    Frequency response    +800KHz                        +800KHz

    Signal to noise ratio     >110dB                          >110dB

    THD + noise                > 0,01%                         > 0,01%

    DAC                            Digital Audio Technology

    Master Clock               100MHz

    Frequency Tolerance    +/- 50 ppm



    Standby                      <1W

    Operation                    30W



    Height                         100 mm

    Width                          435 mm

    Depth                          400 mm

    Weight                         9 Kg

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