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During the introduction of the MP-S201 stereo/mono am-plifier, many visitors were asking - “will this be available as an integrated amplifier” to which our founder replied - “why not”. While this was most likely a funny remark - it wasn’t from our founder, and so the development for a suitable preamplifier for the MP-S201 powerstages began.

Reusing the discrete modules found in the MP-L201 adding a suitable volume, it was possible to integrate this preampli-fier board. While the MP-S/I-201 is the largest product we manufacture today, there is not as much free space as one would think.

The linestage offers in total five inputs, sensitivity settings between 2VRMS and 8VRMS to accomedate any source availa-ble and as always a true balanced configuration from input to output. Non balanced signals (via RCA) are immidiatly converted to true balanced signals at the very first stage of the preamplifier.

The final result is one - if not the - biggest integrated amplifier even made, with a sound so very far away from what one would ever expect from such a product. The powerhandling, the resolution, micro and macro details only suppressed by the MP-M201.

Vitus Masterpiece MP-I201 Integrated Amplifier

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