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The pinnacle of amplifier design


The toughest design task in our history. The MP-M201 Mk.II is the result of 9 years of research and development by the Vitus Audio design team. This is a massive, four chassis system that weighs in at an astonishing 300kg. It represents the very best of our amplifier design efforts of the years and is created for those that value the experience of music at its best.


The MP-M201 Mk.II is specifically designed for bi-amping complex speaker systems and addresses the typical issues found in such systems including external active crossovers and dedicated bass amplification. When you consider the no-compromise approach we take to every project, you’ll quickly understand why this amplifier has taken years of painstaking, intricate development to create something nothing short of spectacular.


Complete separation


In this design, the first order of business was to separate all possible sources of noise from the amplifier itself. To achieve this, we placed the power supply and all logic and CPU controls in a separate chassis. To avoid limitations in peak currents between the power supply and the amplifier we had custom cables created by the Virgina Panel Corporation.


Overall, the four chassis MP-M201 Mk.II is the ultimate statement in power amplifier design resulting in unbelievable resolution and a lifelike 3D soundstage the likes of which have never been heard before.

Vitus Masterpiece MP-M201 mkii Monoaural Power Amplifier

  • Technical specifications

    INPUT (Each) XLR Analogue
    Available 1
    Sensitivity 2 VRMS
    Impedance 10kΩ
    OUTPUT (Each) Speaker
    High frequency 1
    Low frequency 1
    Higher frequencies 100WRMS Class A / 300WRMS Class AB in 8Ω
    Lower frequencies 500WRMS Class AB in 8Ω
    Impedance 0.075Ω
    Frequency response +800kHz
    Signal to noise ratio >130dB
    THD + noise <0.01%
    Standby <1W
    Class A 450W
    Class AB 270W
    Height 270mm
    Width 435mm
    Depth 610mm
    Weight 65kg for each amplifier (please note there are 2)
    Weight 85kg for each power supply (please note there are 2)
    Material Aluminium for body parts and heat sinks
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