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The ProUSB solution is the ultimate solution for computer audio playback. It provides the ease of a USB interface in conjunction with 100% electrical isolation, long cable lengths, data protection and synchronous interface of the MSB ProISL. By using the ProISL interface, the source can be located physically far away from the system and a single fiber cable can connect to the DAC. The advantage of moving the source far away from the system is much lower electrical noise in your listening room.


-Fully synchronous to the DAC
-Offers 100% electrical isolation between source and DAC
-Works with most music server and computer systems that support USB audio
-Uses the ProISL interface with error correction and detection
-Virtually limitless in cable lengths (up to 1km) between the USB module and the DAC
-Works at rates up to 24/768kHz and 8xDSD (with a PC)

MSB ProUSB Input

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