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This interface is the highest performance digital audio interface. The interface is glass fiber optic based, making it 100% electrically isolated and allowing for incredible cable lengths with no loss. The unique protocol allows a very low jitter copy of the DAC master clock to be fed back to the source,creating a low jitter clock synchronous with the audio data system. The audio data is encoded and sent to the DAC, where it’s checked for errors and corrected before playback. The ProISL is capable of multi-channel audio and extremely high sample rates (much higher than any current standard). Fiber is used because it allows the source and the DAC  Any noise generated in the source (CPU, drive, video processing, ect…) can be prevented from entering the DAC and the rest of the audio system.


-Synchronous to the DACs clock
-Offers 100% electrical isolation between source and DAC
-Interface has strong error detection and correction
-Virtually limitless, lossless cable lengths are supported (up to 1km)
-Source device type and capabilities are reported to the DAC (ProUSB, Transport, Etc…)
-Insensitive to ground and noise issues
-Very low jitter

MSB ProISL Input Module

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