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here are many renderer interfaces in the industry. The MSB Renderer was developed using an in-house hardware design running an ultra low noise A5 processor for optimal audio playback performance. Our Renderer V2 interface is MQA and Roon Ready and has a maximum sample rate of 32/768kHz and 4xDSD. The entire renderer solution is galvanically isolated from the DAC including isolated power. The main advantage of the Renderer Input module is it makes the DAC into a network endpoint for many current playback software packages and allows computer control of the DAC volume. An added bonus to connecting your DAC with the internet is automatic firmware updates via the internet will ensure that your renderer and DAC always has the latest capabilities with ultimate convenience.


-Lower noise than most music servers or direct USB connections
-Offers software control of the DAC from the host source (Volume, etc…)
-Can be wired directly to most home computer network
-Works at rates up to 32/768kHz* and 4xDSD
– MQA decoding
– Roon endpoint
– Up to 4X DSD*
– UPnP protocol
– DLNA protocol
– Bit-perfect data transmission
– Isolation from sensitive DAC processing
– Support for gapless playback (depends on UPnP server and controller software)
-DAC master clock synchronization
-Ethernet RJ45 input
-Compact and low EMI design

MSB Network Renderer (V2) Input Module

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