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An absolutely full-range and utterly transparent reference speaker for the gibbon series. Easy to drive and easy to place in any room. The gibbon X is a three-way system with a new 3/4 inch ultra-low-mass textile dome tweeter suspended in an inert chamber, a new 7 inch midrange driver with a phase-plug and inverted natural rubber surround in it’s own sealed enclosure and a pair of massive, long-throw 9 inch woofers in a tuned 4-chamber enclosure.

Devore Fidelity gibbon X

  • Frequency Response: 23Hz-40kHz
    Sensitivity: 91.5dB/W/M
    Impedance: 8.5 Ohms (16 Ohms max, 7.3 Ohms min @ 26Hz)
    Dimensions: 44”H x 9”W x 17.5”D (not including feet)
    Finish Options (Bamboo): Cherry, Mahogany, Mink

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