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Ultra-Fidelity | Whole Home Control
Savant Pro App
What is SAVANT?

SAVANT is an Home/Business Automation platform, which is able to control and automate most devices (that has a standard control interface*) through a single app (Savant Pro).

The Savant ecosystem is built upon a centralized computing framework which then communicates with various home automation products for all primarily categories of control. The communication link is either made through Savant group of modular-based controllers or directly to the devices in use.


The categories are assigned, but not limited, to the following key segments:

Music & Entertainment



Entry Services


Climate & Energy

In additional, a Savant System can interface with and control many other categories. Speak to our Savant Integrator to find out more.

*The common control protocols are: — IR (Infrared Red) / Serial Port / IP (Internet Protocol)



Savant’s heritage came from the telecommunications world, where we led the evolution of the telecom switching fabric as it went from a large centralized switch to a distributed architecture using Voice over IP (VoIP). This was done by putting gateways at the edge of the network and converting all the voice to IP, then using the IP backbone as a switching fabric to the termination side, where the packets were then converted back to their native format.


Savant is using all that experience to lead the charge again in the AV domain - in a very simplistic view we are putting an IP interface on new Savant products. This allows for physical distribution of the different components as well as infinite scalability. We can also build each of those inputs and outputs in a module size that makes sense for the application.

WHERE IT LEADS US — 4K and Beyond

The Savant AV over IP design provides a very scalable end-to-end hardware and software platform for AV extension, switching, processing and control.


This is essential in delivering pristine pixel perfect 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over dedicated standard 10 Gigabit (Gb) Ethernet network, with zero-frame latency and no compression for the most part.


This is different the other network AV products on the market that use a 1 Gb technology with highly-compressed video, significant latency and low bandwidth. Integration professionals alike will appreciate the convenience of a centralized 10GbE network switch, enabling Ethernet connectivity throughout the project with both fiber and copper options.


Support for 4K video ensures end-to-end support of the latest generation of AV sources with native resolutions up to 4096 x 2160. The advanced video processing features supported by the new platform include multi-view (video tiling), video wall and seamless switching applications. The broadcast-quality integrated video processor and scalar delivers unmatched, immersive viewing experience supporting the most popular video formats and resolutions. The builtin 4K60 4:4:4 scaler will seamlessly downscale sources for legacy HD displays.

This is the solution to our customers who are worried that the high bandwidth usage in 4K display will cause lag and unpleasant viewing experience.

Framework — A/V over IP
Video Distribution
Features & Benefits

The Savant AV over IP design provides a very scalable end-to-end hardware and software platform for AV extension, switching, processing and control. The Savant design leverages the robust 10Gb Ethernet network topologies using off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet network switches. The Savant AV over IP distribution system provides greater system flexibility and scalability over traditional approaches such as circuit-based AV matrix switching.


• Full Savant Pro AV over IP 4K/60 4:4:4 HDR support

• End-to-end HDMI 2.0a support along with HDCP 2.2 content protection

• Advanced video processing / video compositing including Multi-View, Video Walls etc

• Built-in 4K60 4:4:4 scalar will seamlessly downscale sources for legacy HD displays

• Uncompressed Zero-Frame Latency and seamless switching

• Audio embedding, de-embedding and down-mixing capabilities

• Multiple Audio options to handle a full array of job requirements

• Scalability and Flexibility

- Small 2 x 2 to large 128 x 128 designs

• Fiber and copper receiver endpoint options for design flexibility

- IT Industry-standard fiber support over 10Gb Network

- IT Industry-standard copper support over 10Gb Network

- 100 meters over CAT6A | 300 meters over multimode OM3 fiber

• Each Transmitter and Receiver extends the data network (1Gbit network port) 

- 1Gb of reserved bandwidth over the 10Gb network backbone

• Each Transmitter and Receiver includes 1 IR and 1 Serial control port for control


In general, the features and benefits are captured in the above Savant Blueprint (System Design).

Savant Pro App
Savant Smart Home

The Savant Pro App serves as the master control for all the devices in your home. From within this App, each Service in your Savant ecosystem can be monitored and controlled using the App. Below is a basic diagram on the functions available to the user.


View your whole home at a glance and use quick access controls to make everything just the way you like it.


Keep an eye on things from anywhere — home is always within reach.


Savant Music lets you enjoy high-fidelity content from your collection or stream personalized playlists to any room in the house.


When you have a moment to yourself, tap your "Relax" scene to dim the lights and launch your most mellow playlist — in just a single command.

Add ambiance by scheduling your room lights and shades as day fades to night.


Enjoy a warm welcome home. On the air conditioner before you reach home, and know that you will be perfectly comfortable by the time you get home.

At the end of the day, just turn off the lights from the comfort of the bed.


Consult us on how Savant can be customized to the way you live. Drop by our showroom today and experience the Savant platform.

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